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LIVE DECK: Immersive Experiences Authoring Tool

NTT DISRUPTION | San Francisco, CA | 2020-2022


This video was ideated and edited by me for an internal retreat with both the design and engineering team. #pureenergy.

Disclaimer: this is not marketing material or a tutorial.

From ROS
to WEB

LIVE DECK is a web based APP that simplify the access to projectors, touch walls, sensors, and more.  Like all the other Cokoon APPs, LIVE DECK is findable in the Cokoon's Store.
The Store also includes content assets galleries and resources, ready to be plugged in LIVE DECK.

Business Case

According to Forbes, NTT is the 43th largest company in the world (350K employees). 

Disruption is the NTT's innovation boutique that has the role to identify IPs that can worth a Billion or more -and- make it real (prototype and pilots).

COKOON: "Immersive experiences for business" is a transformative technology to reinvent workplaces. The positioning is totally B2B and the target clients basically are large companies.
NTT is already addressing most of the Fortune 100. After the "incubation process" Cokoon should be brought to the market by a parent company.

LIVE DECK: It is a first Cokoon's authoring tool.   


Hired as Exponential Technology Director, after a while I focused on COKOON, shaping the product strategy and defining the need of a suite of applications, starting from a "powerpoint" like Authoring Tool.

I coined the name LIVE DECK, defined the specific user cluster to serve, and make an early prototype.

I navigated corporate and technology dependencies in a situation of extreme resources lack, finally getting the resources to hire a small design team.

Working in synch with the Director of Software Engineering, we agreed on the organization, roadmap, the tools, the reviews, and -together- we delivered on time. 


When I joined NTT Disruption, COKOON was a vision but not a product. After impacting the entire product strategy, I focused the Authoring Tool. It was necessary to start from scratch, introducing FIGMA/Monday and creating NTT Disruption's very first DESIGN SYSTEM.

Together with the team I hired, we shaped the identity of the product: from the ontology to each UI component.

We delivered the authoring tool on time, in March 2022.
The internal AT-Kerney review and the group stake-holders considered this Authoring Tool "LIVE DECK" as the main COKOON's asset.

This videos are ideated and edited by me for an internal meetings with both the design and engineering team.

Disclaimer: this is not marketing material or a tutorial.

Evolve and extend a tool born for the business environment

00 IMG_6104.jpg

An early strategic contribution was the identification of several other potential use cases (Apps) and the Cokoon Store prototyping.


The "Remote" is the mobile LIVE DECK companion; the perfect tool to handle live events and demos. There is a visionary strategy behind this tool and a future for immersive experience for business could be created starting here. 


Creating complex environments in seconds. LIVE DECK Templates allow the users to play at the border between physical and digital, creating memorable stories. 

user manual.gif

In 2022 I published a novel design thinking radar that help to categorize and compare experiences according 7 axes...

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