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I am Leandro. This is my digital shed: a place where I can leave a trace of some of the things that excited me during a +20y path as technology designer. Star Trek is inevitable and humanity is going to build it.

I am thankful for the life journey that brought me where I am today. I was often lucky, and found myself in the right place at the right time. Like that time when I led the design of the very first UI for a 3G (smart) phone ever. Or when I led the very small team that patented an eye-gaze user interface to control a computer (via a contactless eye-tracker). Or when I contributed to a patent about the small screen video optimization. I miss the adventurous times crossing AR/VR borders. The attention I got giving more of 200 talks and conferences -or- the more than 200.000 aggregated Slideshare views.

I love(d)…

  • The 15+ years spent into Design thinking.

  • The few patents I contributed. My dirty dozen of Awards.

  • The 2+8 times writing into books.

  • The memory of hundreds of students I met in various universities.

  • The faces of friends and colleagues whom I have tried to build a better world together, a single technology at time.


THIS IS NOT A PORTFOLIO. If you are interested to find my works, pls contact me on Linkedin

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