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Valley of Genius

Erik Davis, from, leads a fabulous podcast series called Expanding Mind

As many podcast, might look too much “calm” and -maybe- someone might also define it boring. True: it’s not a Marvel action movie. However, if you stay on the content, this podcast might bring you some very interesting point of views.

Last issue Silicon Valley fever is a one hour talk with journalist Adam Fisher. It’s looks an interview about a book, but what emerge is a conversation about who we are, the sense of life and everything, including: virtual reality, fumbling the future, the cyberculture underground, human augmentation.

…and if I can mention a single sentence I would like to take the following:

“how we went from the bicycle for the mind to the opium for the masses”. or “you know, Silicon Valley is Detroit in the 50′. It’s dominated by very few companies (Apple, Google, Facebook) and they almost control everything. …We haven’t seeing anything yet. The geneticists are coming to Silicon Valley”.

btw. ATARI still my best loved “brand” ever.

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