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JUVENTUS STADIUM: every adv space around the field is talking about the app we just released for Android. What it is about? It’s about SPORTS and TV… is a very ambitious project, provably the most ambitious I meet in last years, because it is extremely consumer AND it is trying to leverage/influence customer behaviours.  

The sofa/TV context is corner stone in HCI and very few people are so arrogant to try to influence it. We -as a second screen company- are doing it.

Our design is based on three bullets: – zero competition with the first screen – audio as engagement tool  – synchronised adv (we transform the low value TV adv into a PERSONAL and ACTIONABLE communication)

As a consequences we are contributing to evolve the way in which people make TV social as well as people consume advertising. started with US Baseball and Football, while in 2014 we will stay focused on Soccer. This is the FIFA WORLD CUP year and we started with JUVENTUS LIVE our rush to lead the second screen industry.

Juventus Live is available for iOS and -since yesterday- for SAMSUNG ANDROID.

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