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Wired Italia’s issue n. 71, published in April 2015, sees the contribution of Design Group Italia’s digital design director Leandro Agrò, within the article titled “Se il Make in Italy partisse da qui?”. 

On the same issue of Wired is contained an interview with Piero Santoro, ideator together with Carlo D’Alesio of the automated and connected greenhouse MEG, developed in collaboration with Design Group Italia.

Side consideration: in 45 year of history, DGI never went on Wired. Today we got TWO independent articles in the very same issue: The one that is spread during the MILANO DESIGN WEEK.  Nice!

ps. Leandro was on other Wired issue and -in particular- was featured on number ZERO: the one that defined what Wired should become. Later, he was featured also on Issue 1, Issue 3 and others.

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