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This is MMN: Realm of inspiration, Apple tech and Museum

Friday was a very special day. I spent the whole afternoon @MMN in Trezzo, close to Milan. For many people around, this place is “just” the best Apple dealer in Italy. To me, this place, is the reign of tech toys. I started this Friday session, fixing my NAS  (Hei, Synology people… you MUST seriously think to hire some designers. You might have the best tech in class, but whoa if you are bad on UX. Level: disgusting). Later we paid attention to the last born in town: iPhone X, taking some picts ands playing with the new features. Definitively the BEST PHONE EVER. I don’t like the form factor, that still a cake of soap to me, but.. whoa if is a good piece od tech. We, the humans, just lost the last button in our life. Everything will be different now.


But playing with the most recent tech is not the best thing you might do when at MMN. The kindness and the pure respect for those that brought us where we are in tech, is something that anyone can breath when @MMN.  California is at more than 9K kilometres, but -you know- California is actually at state of mind, and anyone can easily feel it here.

IMG_5018.HEIC copy

Old papers, history off tech spread everywhere, the cult of tech, the joy of discovery, is felt in every corner. For example, you could get the Moore’s Law in a moment, just observing this frame.


I also known that Damiano supported the making of this fantastic book:

1977-1987 Quando il Computer divenne Personal – di Paolo Cognetti

This book is just fantastic. To me is good like the famous “California, designing Freedom” or “Silicon Valley, the history in pictures“. …and is the only one in Italian at this level.

IMG_5068.HEIC copy
IMG_5072.HEIC copy

I feel very grateful for the emotions I received on Friday. The inspiration is reciprocal.

Grazie Damiano.



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