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TAG MasterUX | Caminetto Night

For a couple of years I lead the Talent Garden Innovation School UX Master. It was a good experience for me, and -as Design Group Italia- we were so lucky to meet the talents that emerged in these classes (and hire some of them). During the early days of the Master, I also wrote for TAG/Egea my first solo book: Internet of Humans.

The last two edition were lead by good friends (and excellent designers) like Luca Mascaro and Silvio Cioni. Today, I was back in the classroom for a Q&A with the students. The event started at 8PM, with a digital fireplace projected on the wall and most of the lights off. No computers’ screens were around and no-one was browsing the net on any device. The idea of the “Caminetto Night” is to create the perfect context for a warm, direct, conversation between students and experts.

Both Luca and I, arrived early for other two events that were held at Talent Garden and we randomly meet. We immediately decided to run the Caminetto Night together… and we had a lot of fun. Thanks guys. 

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