Star Wars night @DGI

Star Wars Movie Night – Private Screening of ‘Consign To Oblivion’ at Design Group Italia

At this first-ever DGI movie night, we will screen ‘Consign to Oblivion’, a non-profit feature film inspired by the famous Star Wars saga.Directed by Francesco Dell’Oro, Silvio Bergamaschi, and Alessandro Martino, and premiered on July 1, 2017, the movie tells the story of two padawan protagonists and their long journey to become Jedi Knights. It is true Star Wars fan movie at its best, 100% imagined and filmed in Italy. Read more: would love to see you on October 27 at 18.30 at DGI, Via Aleardo Aleardi 12. There is a limited number of seats available – secure yours by marking that you are ‘Attending’ the event here on Facebook. Notice that there’s no parking on the premises.To prove that the force is, indeed, strong with you, bring a Star Wars themed gadget with you. But be careful – the Jedi Generation crew will also join the event!

  1. Kid Friendly

This event it include a JediGeneration live performance, an exhibition of Jedi/Sith original equipments from the movie, an augmented reality set and a green screen for FX.

A special thank you to JOINPAD crew!

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