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IxDA is back in town

Having the IxDA back in Milan, it was a huge opportunity to remind to the whole IxD community who we are and why we care soo much about Interaction Design.

I started recalling when I was a student. I spoke about my incredible student experience at ADP ’97: Apple Design Project, trying to focus the attention on what was missing at that time: the web was a child. smartphone weren’t yet there. Augmented Reality was a Sci-Fi dream. But we were interaction designers: dreamers who later contributed to the incredible technological shift we now live in.


Having IxDA at DGI’s place was -off course- an opportunity to underline the need of the atoms in the ocean of bits we all are contributing to create around us. DGI’s youngest talents were in stage, being a living example of this “atoms matters” heritage.


As design professionals and leaders, we shared everything possible with the fabulous audience at the IxDA night, leaving them with the mother of all the questions:”What a designer should design, today?“.


See you soon.

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