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Grateful Dead = California

Nothing is more Californian -at least in the Bay Area- than the Grateful Dead. This amphitheatre (see picts) in Mountain View was built in 1985/6 mainly to host their music.

With the death of Jerry Garcia -the lead guitarist and vocalist- the Grateful Dead do not existed anymore. However, their music still being played. Two components of the original band –Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir– still there and the assembled a very nice Grateful Dead artistic extension (not just playing the old stuff).

The legend tells that in 2011 John Mayer was listening to Pandora and happened upon the Grateful Dead song “Althea”. Mayer was totally conquered by the sound and joined Kreutzmann and Weir. Together with Jeff Chimenti (keyboards) and Oteil Burbridge (bass guitar) they are not the “Dead & Company”.

The whole north California is thankful to them. Psychedelic music and hippie culture still alive! Also if the first row tickets price is close to a thousand dollar and a can of beer cost 15 USD. Stay foolish, stay in Silicon Valley.


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