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Forget Autonomous drive, welcome to… granular mobility! :)

Together with the mobile guru Giuseppe Taibi, yesterday we saw GITA -the new Piaggio’s robot- live at the premiere in Boston, MA. It was a great pleasure to meet my friend Jeffrey Schnapp (PFF, Ceo) and see what a great team he created around PFF. I think they done an incredibile work, mixing Italian traditional path to product innovation with the celebrated Boston’s way to continuously re-invent the world we live in.

I do not meet all the Sn. advisor involved in the team, but at least I briefly spoke with the very special one: Nicholas Negroponte. I read his famous “Being Digital” while I was living in Agrigento (Sicily). Many things happens in the long time from that moment to now, but is never too late to say:

Thank you, Nicholas. We became what we are, also because your book“.

This picture it was originally taken for Dimitri. Love my friend. 

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