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European Summit Immersive Computing

Some shots from my quick trip to Venice, where I was speaker @EICS conference. The title of the speech was:”Augmented Minds”.

“Augmented Reality does not serve machines, but us, humans. With it, we are attempting to overcome our own nature and to extend our senses, building bridges with knowledge generated by other people, in other places and in other times. The business success of A.R. starts with us being conscious of our limits, and using AR to expand our potential with new artificial senses and intelligences. This talk is a collection of short stories and direct experiences on topics such as objects made ‘magical’ by IoT; extended interfaces and digital auras; Virtual Agents; cognitive models, as well as reflections on intrinsic and extrinsic reasons to motivate the adoption or rejection of AR technologies.”

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today. The movies, video games, tv, and technologies mentioned in his talk 1/2: ReadyPlayerOne, Matrix, Star Trek, Pitfall, The Lawnmower Man, Altered Carbon, The Simpsons, Second Life, Knowledge Navigator by Apple, IkeaUSA.

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