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Design Thinking Observatory: first date.

Design Thinking is living a golden age as “new” buzzword. What is OLD for the design industry, recently become the “cutting edge” approach to innovation, for the business consultancy world.

Unfortunately WE, the design industry, are not able to re-packadge and sell the already aged Design Thinking (DT) without improve it.  The world is dramatically changed since the moment in which DT was conceived. Now the Internet is much more powerful and influent, while intelligence is emerging in novel environments and objects. I have personally already introduced new canvases, trying to add my 2 cents to DT and dow, the army of those that are able to evolve DT, is growing, trying to set new alliances.

I don’t know if this brand new academic observatory will fly, but WE -the design industry- are here to make the world a better place, not just to sell the old practices with a brand new bow.

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