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David Rose

According Wikipedia, “David Rose (born February 19, 1967) is an award-winning product designer, entrepreneur, and lecturer at the MIT Media Lab. David is on a mission to make technology subtle and polite; to dissolve into the fabric of the everyday”.


That’s is fantastic description, but -more shortly-  David Rose definitively is my IoT hero. He started first, tracing the route where there was no road. “Enchanted Objects” is the best book about IoT I never read! …and -thank you to this video with John Stewart– provably also the most famous one.  😀

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.59.57.png

I was lucky enough to meet David in a few different context. He was speaker at Frontiers Conference (the event I organise). We meet in NYC and in San Francisco during other conferences and private events. …and today, David Rose, visited the Studio (Design Group Italia) here in Milan. It was great to have this mutual IoT projects sharing, and DGI’s digital team loved to have him visiting.

I can’t be more proud of this though he wrote on my copy of his book. Thank you, IOT+AI brother.



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