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Awarded Design and Innovation Executive; Spatial computing /immersive technologies expert, IoT pioneer, books author, and patents contributor.

Reinventing the Workplace

The world is changed. Reinventing office spaces is an actual need, and the quest for new desirable offices and rituals is open. Chasing this dream, we built Cokoon: A software technology supporting this transition at the ant level: from ROS to WEB, blending the best of digital with the power of physicality.

San Francisco, CA (2020-2022)
NTT Cokoon "Immersive experiences for business" is a transformative technology to reinvent workplaces.


San Francisco, CA (2020-2022)
LIVE DECK is a PowerPoint-like and easy-to-use authoring tool enabling anyone to dress Spaces with digital content.


Digital Health: Services, Devices and Spaces Design

I had my digital health moment of enlightenment while serving as Global Director UX for Razorfish Healthware (2011-2013). Since then, designing technologies that care about people is still an essential part of my professional path. I was a TED MED LIVE speaker and I collaborated with both SARA and VITTORIA Assicurazioni. Since 2015, I spent more than three years working side-by-side with teams from Generali (Top10 worldwide Insurance),  crafting research, ideating IoT home devices, and -finally- designing an entire floor of the most prominent Italian skyscraper. I also had the opportunity to lead the team that created awarded consumer health devices.


GENERALI: From Research to Spaces design

Milan, Italy | San Francisco, CA | 2016-2020
Together with service designers I hired, we run users' research on wearables, and created products that had a strategic impact, winning various awards


Internet of Things

As a designer who grew up on digital but living in an environment primarily dedicated to industrial design and physical products, the Internet of Things was enlightening. The possibility of infusing a digital soul into physical objects changed my professional trajectory. 

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Milan, Italy | 2014-2018
Four years with ABB engineers brought a series of connected industrial equipment to the market and paved the road to other projects around FOG computing (CA).


Robots to save human lifes

Between my early interest for IoT connected puppies (Nabaztag) and the unfortunate double meet with JIBO, I had the chance to contribute to a run to create a robot to fight covid-19 and to support a super innovative robotic venture that will disrupt the making of precision medicines. One "died" in the process, but both robots were designed to save lives.

San Francisco, CA | 2022
Stealth mode: this project will be open after September 2022.

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Augmented reality, Eye-Tracking, Metaverses

In the Human-Computer Interaction, the entire complexity stands on the human side. Eye-Tracking provides insights into human vision, the attentive system, cognitive load, etc. I led the E-T team that patented an assistive eye-tracking system for LSA patients. I have been passionate about Augmented Reality since I was an Interaction Design student, winning the selection for the Apple Design Project ('97).

Milan, Italy | Since 2006
I was President, share holders and later advisor for, a European augmented reality firm. Together with that team, we developed remote assistant software for the industrial field.

Metaverses & Mixed Reality (before it was cool)

Mixed reality
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