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About Metaverses, mixed reality events and hybrid collaboration

Milan, Italy | 2005-2008 // San Francisco, CA | 2020-2022


I grew up on video games and SCI-FI and when SecondLife emerged, I dedicated three years to doing research and experiments, and designing awarded virtual projects.

After 2020,
with Quest 2 and NTT, I had the opportunity to re-boot everything about VR designing immersive experiences, playing with collaborative VR, doing quick prototyping with Roblox, and running immersive / hybrid workshops


Current VR went further The Lawnmower Man rollercoaster HCI device. I love to be free to play with a stand-alone device like the Oculus, but you know what might be even better? Physically walk inside a metaverse and be free to move around without any wearable, avoid "local" blindness, and merge the remote VR presence with the local co-presence.  #hybrid_inclusivity

SecondLife: The first METAVERSE that make it. (almost)

Producing mixed reality events and conferences

Web 2.0 transformed each web page and app into a plaza: a flat place where the users can exchange "memories" without ever being in co-presence. Moving conference and educational events to the metaverse (SecondLife) was a natural experiment: I extensively tested hybrid/mixed events.

About Idearium

Idearium island was an extended SecondLife community. I founded and led the project.

Idearium Island was the basecamp for most of my projects, including the
dozens of mixed realty events.


Why SecondLife?

The strange case of ZeeLee Kindley vs. Leandro Agro.

While SecondLife was a thing, my day job as Director of a LAB researching Virtual Assistants. Various companies hired our K-Humans product to make first-level call routing and troubleshooting. 

SecondLife was the sandbox were we experimented and tested some of our approaches.


Born as side of professional activities on Virtual Assistants, my research on SL resonated with the Media interest.

In this sense, the side project pushed the main one, and the learning I had on SecondLife interacting with thousands of users were as well relevant as the data we were collecting from our product.