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D-Heart, the portable ECG + other digital health notes

Milan, Italy | 2018-2019 

ECG is the abbreviation of the word electrocardiogram. D-Heart (official website) is the first smartphone ECG device simple to use, clinically reliable, portable and affordable. It allows anyone to perform a hospital-level ECG in total autonomy and to send the results to the 24/7 tele-cardiology service or to your trusted doctor.

Listen directly D-Heart co-founder and his youth cardiovascular issue. His personal story drove us to design the smaller ECG device ever. 

The Compasso d'Oro award

DGI is a terrific design firm, able to win two Compasso d'Oro in its early years. However, this special award has been missing for 30years. 
I am super proud of bringing back this award to the team and the DGI's people: They deserve it. 

D-Heart: The Product. The genius idea; The Compasso D'Oro. The Red Dot.

D-Heart @Singularity University: Designing Exponential Artifacts

Business Case

DGI, Design Group Italia, is one of the most important design firms worldwide and certainly the most important in Italy.

D-Heart is the startup that conceived the smaller and most portable ECG equipment ever.

Compasso D'Oro is the most desired Italian Design Award: It's our Oscar.

RED DOT AWARD is a recognized international design award.


I was responsible for the digital footprint brought by DGI in all its products. I hired DGI’s “digital team” from scratch to +20 people and led this unit until it become the larger and most profitable one (3 years of organic growth). I also promoted specific design habits and ideated workshops and tools to boost the design thinking practice.

Because my previous experience both with IoT and Healthcare, I supported DGI's LifeScience business development.

I had the chance to gather the trust of both D-Heart and Trillio, moving DGI not only in the digital healthcare and service design area, but also creating a novel internal program to support startups.


I cannot be happier about my team's impact in the digital healthcare space.

Not only do we create great products and services in giants like Generali: we helped small startups to get a fair shot, and -because of them- we supported projects able to save humans' lives.

I got the highest growth in DGI's recent history, winning numerous awards while designing for good.

Side Story

Designing TRILLIO: Connected medication reminder for seniors and chronic patients

Trillìo is an e-health digital Platform for Caregivers connected to an IoT device for patients -and- a connected medication reminder for seniors and chronic patients. It reminds the patient to take the right medicine at the right time, quickly and easily. If a reminder is not heeded emergency contact is alerted in real time so they can make sure everything is ok! All configuration is done remotely.

While in DGI, my team helped this small startup going 0-1.
Due the funding limitation we did miracles, including the introduction of a key motivational feature and winning a few awards.
Trillio Official Website 

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 6.04.53 PM.png

E-Health platform for Caregiver and Family. Manages medication plans and keeps TRILLIO in synch.

Trillio is basically a service deign project. Its features and bill of materials are optimized to be part of caregivers and Pharmacy network. A perfect deal flow for home delivery.

Side Story

VIDEUM: Health in any language (A spin off project born in Razorfish Healthware)

Emerged from Digital Healthcare Guru Roberto Ascione's mind, Videum was an idea embraced by my entire design team; They transformed the idea in a common give back. We -the designers- were trying to make something good. 

I had a primary role in shaping VIDEUM technical and market strategy. Including the identification of the subtitle engine and the sponsored channels idea. If VIDEUM was a 2020 project, you might all it the Netflix of medicine.


VIDEUM early wireframe


An early version of the channels index.


The home page featured on the ADI INDEX catalog.

VIDEUM was featured in the ADI INDEX catalog, becoming one of the first digital health services to be candidate to the Compasso d'Oro.

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