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2020: celebrates its 20 years.
When I first published it, was a personal BLOG. I remember going through various software platforms, including PHPNuke and MovableType, and writing +200 articles before going through Tumblr and Wordpress.

Since 2002 I was organising a series of Usability/UX events and -in 2005- I started my own event  company: Frontiers Conferences. Frontiers was -and it still- a side project. A give back that put a smile on my face. Because the incredible people we had as speakers -and- because the geography we served: Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin, San Francisco, Berlin, Dubai.

In 2007, I joined Facebook and Twitter and discussions quickly moved to social media.
Digital design has become a complex business driven topic. I become the guide, the coach, the design director, but I didn’t worked alone anymore. My main job it become to create, nurture, grow and motivate fabulous design teams.

Over time,, lost its centrality. The hundreds of daily readers of the early 2000 it became a few dozen. Keeping personal BLOG alive made little sense to me. There was no need for another ego-centric place on the Net.  The TEAM was much more relevant. progressively become an abandoned digital land.

I have a digital soul and I can't feel right haven't some kind of home on the web: Like a cabin on a mountain or a place on an Internet beach. A place to hang posters on the walls, review past moments, share things -and- maybe behind an Easter Egg... reflect on the next project, idea, invention.
I would like to call it "digital shed".

So, I travelled back to my digital place and I started to collect some pictures. That cozy, rudimental place, has acquired charm in my eyes. The border between “almost abandoned” place and “secret lab” it become thinner. 

Finally, in 2020, during the Covid-19 crisis, I finally decided to create something with my hands. So, 20 years after the very first day when went online, this place still a personal mess.  …and I am not interested at all to clean it. It’s not a portfolio, a showcase or a resume page. This place is all about emotions. Maybe also slightly vintage. ...and -at the very same time- a launch pad for my future's projects.

To me, this is what a digital shed should be. It's a private space, but not a secret one. This is a friendly and warm space. Feel free to look around, with curiosity and respect.


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