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A Robot to fight Covid-19

San Francisco, CA | 2020

Archie is a blockchain enabled robot conceived to sanitize hotels rooms via UVRobots are much more than IoT devices on wheels, and managing the diverse and geographically distributed team that made Archie was an important milestone for me. 

I hired MEG, the Augmented Photobiology team based in Milan, to explore the science behind Archie -and- I hired a remote robotic team based in L.A. and Texas to design the mechanical part and the navigation engine.

The customer, AVID Technology, was established in Chicago. DGI's team involved in this project was based in Milan, NYC, and Silicon Valley. This robot its pretty tall and technically complex; DGI's role was make the robot visually and culturally acceptable.

archie in hotel.png


__Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 5.37.31 PM.png
__empathy map.png

We have chosen a specific approach to classify robots and find our sweet spot.

When the robot is taller than many users -kids included- it's fundamental to explore the cultural and visual acceptability.

Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 18.22.19.png

Archie is not for sale: it's a rent model. The hotel manager's software platform it's an Uber-style dashboard, beneficial to rent the robot, plan their duty, and double-check the smart-contracts automatic payments.

Competitors were mostly positioning their equipments as NOT-autonomous and dedicated mostly to healthcare facilities. They can't easily scale in the hospitality field.

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 5.57.19 PM.png

Sanitization is confirmed directly to the hotels' guests, and it's guaranteed by AVID and the blockchain technology (not by the hotel)

Archie Service operation model (high level)

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