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Augmented Reality: my longest tech jouney

Milan, Italy | San Francisco, CA | 1997-2020

I did my first A.R.-related project when I was an Interaction Design Master Student in '97.
I immediately fall in love with this technology, and I still think the A.R. enablers will shape the future. Two of the most underrated things regarding A.R.? Augmented indoor spaces and
privacy concerns linked to the A.R. glasses.


> Enklu contents on Hololens 2

Building Joinpad

About 10y ago, a talented friend started a company called Joinpad. He focused the activity on industrial augmented reality and asked me to help to frame a hardware-agnostic UX/UI

Hallucinations you can Trust

The people you meet in the factory field are the most pragmatic on Earth. Conquering the trust and making them easier to embrace "invisible" technology is Everest. A.R. is just the last mile on this journey, and the DATA is where the actual fight is.

Bringing Augmented Reality to the factory floor


Remote assistance. Hands-free or with gloves.


UI detail

Sketching tools, online manteinance documentation.

Micro-hackathon DGI - JoinPad - Verdigris-high.gif

Verdigris @NASA Campus prototyping workshop.

My student's dream


A much younger version of me, presenting our team A.R. project at Apple Computer Campus, in Cupertino. (1997)

A.R. enabling libraries and ancient books. Enhance what you can barely touch. I still convinced A.R. should prioritize macro/micro vision more than any other goals. 


Tag's cloud and magical devices: This is where my Internet of Things passion flowered.

In 2008, Apple Computer introduced the iPhone, and everything changed: the world got its magic wand.

additional links: Augmented Futures, a recent talk at Vatican University.
Augmented Minds, my talk at the European Immersive Computing Summit.

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